How we work

We follow a fully transparent process from picking up your Apple device to repairing and delivering it to you. To understand how we go about the entire process even better, we have put together the following information for you.

  • Great service at a reasonable price

    We provide you with premium services at an extremely affordable rate. Our apple expert mac repair services include complex repairs on your Apple Mac device.

  • Quick and smooth service

    Our professionals ensure that your Apple Mac is repaired in a very short period. Our years of expertise make collecting your Apple Mac to booking and delivery a smooth process.

  • Quick repair along with insured delivery

    Mostly, we complete the repairs within 1-5 days from the date of confirmation to go ahead from your end with the repair. Once we are done repairing your Apple Mac, we will dispatch it to you through a 24-hour service.

  • A prolonged 6-month warranty on the repair

    After we have provided you with Apple iMac and MacBook repair, we offer you a warranty of 6 months on the repair. This also means that we will fix your device if it falls short of the same flaw within 6 months.

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What to do to get my Mac fixed?

  • Step 1 – Booking

    The first step to avail of our apple expert Mac repair services is filling out the online job booking form.

  • Step 2 – Preparing your device for collection

    Now that you have booked our services pack your device safely in its box. Find the collection documents in your email and print them. Attach these documents to the box. Please inform us as soon as your device is ready for collection.

    If you do not have the original box that your device came in, we urge you to correctly choose the box for your device while booking our services. You will receive an exact purpose-made box to ensure that your device isn't damaged while in transit.

    To ease your convenience, you can take a look at these drop-off points all around the UK.

  • Step 3 – Diagnosis

    Once we receive an Apple Mac device, we look out for the hardware or software issues that you might be experiencing. We will give you timely updates about what we’re doing on your device to ensure transparency.

    Once we have the diagnosis, we inform you and ask for a green light from your end to move forward with the Apple Mac or iMac repair. We also give you a quote on the Apple Mac repair cost before proceeding with the repairs. This will help you make a quick and well-informed decision.

  • Step 4 – Repairs

    After getting that go-ahead signal from you, we start to repair your device as agreed in the quote. Should you want to cancel the repairs, we will ship your device back to you.

  • Step 5 – Sending you the repaired device

    We will inform you once your Apple Mac device has been repaired. After our Apple expert, Mac repair service is completed, we will ship your device back to you. As soon as your device leaves our Apple Mac repair centre, you will be given tracking details.

    We have partnered with UPS and TNT to ensure that the courier services are safe and insured.

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Delivery information and conditions

We have put together a few points of information that will help you at the time of sending and receiving your Apple Mac device. We offer two separate modes of transportation to minimize the effort for you. You can do the following while sending us your device:

  • Arrange a collection of your Apple Mac device from your home or place of work
  • Send MacBook for repair by dropping it off at one of the drop-off points from the link given above

If you choose a device collection through us, you will be charged a minimal commitment fee of £12.95.


If you choose to opt for our Apple Mac repair services by dropping off your device to a drop-off point, you will not be charged any commission fee.


We encourage you to select the option which suits you best while booking our Apple Mac repair services through the online job booking form. While sending the packed device to us, kindly ensure that the packaging is adequate so that the device does not suffer any damage.


The safety of your device is of marvel importance to us. Thus, we recommend that you use the original packaging of your device. In case this packaging is not available, inform us while filling out the online job application form.


We will provide you with the correct packaging for your Apple Mac device.


So, what are you waiting for? Our Apple expert Mac repair services are only an online form away. We offer you a high quality of service coupled with a short repair time. All you have to do is follow the steps and protocol given above to get started on your journey with us.


You can book your assessment today through the contact number and email provided on our website.

In order to minimise effort on your behalf we offer two different methods of transportation, you can either arrange through us a collection from your home or place of work and you will be charged a small commitment fee of £12.95 which will be deducted off your final repair bill or REFUNDED IN FULL if you wish to cancel the repair, if you miss your collection time the collection fee is non-refundable, alternatively you can drop off at one of UPS Nation Wide Drop off points completely FREE No commitment Fee required, please select which option best suits you when booking your repair on our booking form.

In all cases adequate packaging is required, we will NOT open inspect or return a Desktop iMac in the incorrect packaging and you will have to arrange your own courier for collection. (We recommend original manufacturers packaging). If you do not have adequate packaging we can supply you via post the correct packaging for your Apple Mac, please select the correct box for you on our booking form.

Warranty and Insurance

Once we are done repairing your Apple Mac device at our Apple Mac repair centre, we provide you with a warranty for the repair. If your device falls under the same fault within six months of repair, you can inform us about the same.

Insurance and warranty reports

A warranty and insurance reports covers all the faults you may experienced in your Apple device (accidental or otherwise).

The one-off cost is valued at £85 for an insurance and warranty report. You can take these reports to your insurance company or the warranty provider for approval. The pay-out value is generally determined on a case-to-case basis.

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