Start-up Issues

Have you been trying to turn on your MacBook or iMac for quite some time now? Or maybe it just freezes upon turning on? Or does your device turn off after powering up? If your answer to these questions was a yes, then it’s time to bring your device to our Apple Mac repair centre.
The professionals at our Apple Mac repair store are experienced and experts at resolving such issues. If you have gotten your Mac repaired from another Apple iMac repair center earlier, you will know that Apple Mac repair costs can be as high as a thousand pounds or more.
Often, customers are charged an extremely high amount for resolving start-up issues on Macs. However, if you choose to visit our Mac and iMac repair store, you will be paying a much less amount.
More often than not, we are known to fix any issue at a price less than Apple’s offer for service.

Causes for start-up issues

Based upon your MacBook or iMac, we provide an estimate of the services you are seeking from us. If you feel confused and have any questions, you are welcome to contact us through the details given on our website.

We encourage you to give us as much detail as you can about your device as it helps us gauge the problem better. We follow transparency – so, we will keep you updated at all times. These are the causes due to which you might be facing start-up issues:


If your laptop won’t power on at all and there is no way for you to figure out and tell us what’s going wrong, fret no more. We will open your device to detect the problem and provide you with an estimate for the service.

You will have to decide on getting your device repaired only once we have given you an estimate and diagnosis.

Why choose us

The issue with vintage products

Apple classifies its products as vintage if they are older than five years. Once a product is considered vintage, no support is offered for it. If you choose our Apple expert Mac repair services, we will provide you service for all models of Apple devices.
The technicians at our stores have more than 20 years of experience with certifications and are iTechnician approved.

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